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'Chiropractic care is quite good at making your pain disappear, but it is sooo much more. In our office, chiropractic care is about learning to live in the upper realms of your life, understanding how simple it is to heal your body, and improving all of the qualities of your life. Age is meant to empower you. '

As soon as I can get you stabilized (and out of initial pain), my first priority is to give you simple exercises that realign your spine. I utilize deep tissue massage to restore natural function to your body's soft-tissue trauma. When your muscles are working equally, their balance keeps your spine aligned. Then, when I realign your spine and extremtites, they tend to stay in better alignment. I will show you simple habits that successfully overcome your health problems so you can restore and maintain your health. I use gentle realignment procedures.

I utilize the "five elements," the basis of acupuncture, as a diagnostic guide to understand which systems are not operating at optimum health levels. This system gives me insight into mental, emotional and spiritual issues that are related to the organ systems that are experiencing stress.

My core belief is that your whole family lives healthier, happier and more functional when they have regular chiropractic care. Once a month chiropractic care is "real" health insurance that keeps your whole family functioning at the upper limits of health and well being.'

I have written two books. The first: Body Intelligence How to Think Outside Your Brain was published in 2008. I have just completed my second book: Body Intelligence A New Paradigm. It is available as a paperback on Amazon, and in eBook form on Kindle, Apple and Sony reader.

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