Therapeutic Exercise

I use standard physics (x,y,z vector analysis) as the basis of understanding the mechanics of how the three curves and lever system make up your dynamic spinal column.

I give patients specific exercises that correct each part of his or her spine that is injured and weak. These exercises strengthen your "core muscles", the muscles that immediately surround your spine. By strengthening the weak parts of your spinal column you can resolve your injuries and resume doing all of the things you love to do.

These exercises are simple. They take about three minutes to do. They are simple and effective. You can do them as often as you feel your stress build up. They effectively realign your spinal column each time you perform them so you to get back to doing the things you love to do. These exercises are effective when you are maximally injured, as well as helping you to achieve progressively higher performance levels. They help you to live at the upper limits of your life. I used to be quite injured. They were life savers for me. I still do them.

Each time you do the energizing exercises you more than double your life force. This allows every cell in your body to operate at very high levels. By the end of a year you can do just about twice as much as you were able to do. The energizing exercises also takes a day's worth of arthritic build-up out of your body each time you do them. They rehydrate the discs that separate each vertebra. As the discs rehydrate you regain the heighth that you lost.

The skills I teach patients allows you to become more powerful and helps every aspect of your bodymind to be more organized, every year for the rest of your life. Most people are going the opposite direction. Most people believe that every year they give up more of their life until some yuckky disease drags them down and then they die. Getting healthier each year is so much better.

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