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Welcome to our office. When you come in, your first visit forms are a very important connection between me and you. The more completely you fill out the forms, the more comprehensively I can evaluate both your health issues and the efforts it will take to resolve them. My approach to healing has evolved into an understanding that the mind, body and spirit are completely interdependent, and are either supporting each other or creating problems for each other.

After reviewing your intake forms and asking you what you expect from this office, I will perform both a standing and a sitting postural examination of your spine and extremities with you in correct posture. The reason I have you stand and sit in as perfect posture as possible is that all of the ways you slump hide the injuries from me. This postural examination gives me a clear understanding of the muscular and ligamentous traumas and injuries you have: injuries that allow your spine and extremities to keep going out of alignment. With this examination I can clearly see the misalignment pattern of your spine and extremities and any injuries.

As part of your first visit examination I sit you in good posture while I examines your spinal column and quickly sketch your spinal alignment on your worksheet. The sketch of your spinal column gives me graphic information I would discover in a series of x-rays of your spine. My sketch includes an evaluation of spasmmed or flaccid muscle and ligaments. The combination of the alignment of your spinal column and any soft tissue injuries provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of your spinal column.

During the first visit, and subsequent visits, I rub out the origin and insertion of injured or traumatized muscles and ligaments, and any other soft-tissue injuries that are contributing to your spinal misalignments. Then I realign your spine using a combination of gentle methods. I spend a lot of time rubbing the soft tissue injuries and traumas that allow your spine to keep going out of its normal alignment patterns.

*A very large body of research dealing with “chronic neck and low back pain” has been accumulated. This research has confirmed that most chiropractors, medical doctors, orthopedists and physical therapists can resolve “this” episode, but if the underlying issues are not resolved, the episodes keep reoccurring. Worse, they tend to reoccur at progressively shorter intervals and at greater pain intensities. The only combination that has proven over time to restore chronic neck and low back problems back to their healthy state is a combination of:

  1. Rubbing out the soft tissue trauma and injury
  2. Realigning the spine and extremities
  3. Giving the patient core strengthening, spinal corrective exercises
  4. To this list I have included retraining posture and gait; the way you lift things and the ways you do your normal acts of daily living. I believe this is absolutely necessary if you desire to be healthier and more empowered each year from now forward.

Healing is a team effort. If you want to become healthier every year of your life, I am here to help you on this incredible odyssey.

If you have a condition that you have had for a long time, or the condition is severe, you may need a series of visits to effectively resolve the problem. Depending on your condition, I may recommend a series of visits to get you back to optimal health and well-being.

Once you are out of the original pain crisis, I recommend that everyone receive regular care every three to six weeks. Once per month is usually ideal. Patients who get this regular care become healthier and live their lives with greater power, stamina and overall happiness as they age. This is the greatest insurance you can have.

To your health,

John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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