How Your Spine and Joints Become Unstable

Your body is held erect by a precise law of opposition. If a muscle or ligament is injured and cannot come up to proper strength, its opposite muscle or ligament must go into spasm. The more injured a muscle or ligament, the more profoundly its opposite must stay in spasm. The spasmmed muscles and ligaments keep pulling your vertebrae and other joints out of alignment. A chiropractor can realign them, but they will keep going out of alignment.

It has been my observation that unstable vertebrae or joints cannot become stable until the sprained or otherwise injured muscles and ligaments are rubbed out by someone. I generally spend half of a forty minute visit rubbing out the trauma so your spine and extremity bones can become stable.

If the instability has been there for a long time, or is severe, you will need to do the core strengthening exercises I recommend. Each time you do them, it realigns your spine. This is the only protocol that has been proven (in large numbers of research studies) to resolve chronic neck and low back pain.

I firmly believe that learning better posture, gait and lifting is absolutely essential if you want to heal the damage to your spine or extremities. Even slight changes in your posture make profound changes in your health. The simple habits of breathing abdominally and having better posture immediately begins to heal your body. Every year you can become healthier and more powerful.

The only constant in your body is change. Every moment you are either becoming healthier, or you are getting worse. Nothing stays the same. Your habits absolutely determine the outcome. Time is your score keeper.

A healthy aligned spinal column is your foundation. As the alignment of your spine and extremities becomes more stable and flexible, it provides a stable foundation for your mind, emotions and the more subtle functions of your multi-dimensional mind.

Each visit I will help you to improve your posture and gait. I will work with you on how to lift correctly and the best way to walk up and down hills and stairs. I will prescribe simple exercises that help you restore your muscle balance and your mobility.You have more strength, more flexibility.

I have become quite skilled in the art of healing. It is simple to restore the alignment and flexibility of your spine. The combination of you doing the simple exercises,and having better posture combine with my skills to restore the functional health of your spine. It will change your life.

One final observation: If you do not try to use up every bit of your new found strength and power, your pain levels will subside quickly. You can get back to feeling good. *If you do as much as you can as soon as you are able to, your energy levels quickly increase, but your pain levels take longer to abate.

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