When a vertebrae goes out of alignment and begins to move in an abberant manner, this is called a "subluxation." Your spine is the "core" of your body's stability and integrity. The health and well being of all of your entire body, mind and spirit depends on the strength and flexibility your spine (and extremity bones) provides. Without the stability and integrity of your core, health is impossible to maintain.

Subluxations are mainly caused by bad posture, lifting incorrectly and doing all the acts of daily living with poor ergonomics. They can also be caused by falling, car accidents, physical traumas, emotionally upsetting events and situations that compromise your values or spirital beliefs. When a vertebrae is subluxated, it negatively affects all of your delicate circulation systems. Depending on how you catagorize them, you have between twelve and fifteen gross and subtle circulatory systems that run up and down your spine, and up and down your arms and legs. None of them do well when they get kinked.

As time goes by and subluxations remain untreated, the health of your entire body declines. You can see that clearly as people age. Do you think an older person who is frail and stooped just started having that kind of posture? No, most of them just let their posture worsen year after year until they are in the situation they are currently in.

At our office I realign the subluxations, rub out all of the soft-tissue trauma, give you core strengthening/spinal corrective exercises and teach you correct posture and lifting procedures. Then, as time goes on, the natural qualities of transformation and change empower every aspect of your health and well being. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing and transcendent. Every year life can be much better than it is now. The rules are not only simple, but they are fun and exciting.

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