• "John Mayfield is a profound healer, a skilled seer who has the capacity to take into consideration the many dimensions of the person before him in his healing practice. I went in to get my body aligned and came out with a heart full of insights that helped me take the next steps necessary to keep my body aligned & my spirit in a healthy, respectful relationship to myself.

    Carol Stewart, founder of The Mystery School, Nelson, British Columbia"
  • "After a severe neck injury, which elicited from a neurosurgeon the dire words, "I don't know how you walked in here. You have a broken neck", I have experienced the extraordinary healing skill of John Mayfield's hands. Today, ten years later, having declined the proposed surgery, I am seventy-six years old, and walk around with ease and purpose. I joyfuly practice the habits Dr. Mayfield has taught me, habits that have healed my injuries and helped me to live in the upper limits of my life.

    Barbara Smith Stoff, Producer of Emmy Award Winning "Poems of Wonder and Magic" and Co-Author, with Dr. Sheldon Stoff, of the forthcoming Partnership Community: Listen to the Gathering Voices."
  • "John Mayfield is a master healer, a veritable genius of the body. His passion for health on all levels comes through loud and clear.

    James O'Reilly, Editor and Publisher of Traveler's Tales"
  • "Every now and then something triggers a memory of how disabled I really was before Dr. John and I started working together. My other doctors were of the belief that I couldn't be helped, that I would never recover.
    Dr John was able to bring me back to life, a life I can "walk" through, when I couldn't walk before. To say his abilities are amazing is an understatement!

    Laura DeRaps"

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