Wellness Tips

Seven Simple Habits that Change Your Life

  1. Breathe Out Strong: Breathing out is the active breath. How you breathe out is how you will breathe in. Breathing from your core is absolutely essential for reclaiming your power.

  2. Stand Tall: You are mostly energy and consciousness. Correct posture, gait and ergonomics allow the maximum expression of your life force, letting you live powerfully on the earth.

  3. Feel your Feelings: Your feelings are more vital to your well being, by powers of ten, than all your thoughts and actions combined. Because spiritual energy and the energy of feelings are most alike, feeling your feelings, and considering them, gives you access to the wisdom of your spirit. This is the next great frontier.

  4. Shake It Off Like a Cat: Cats always live in the present moment. They do not give their power away by limping, gimping or favoring injuries. To a cat the past is over, even if it only happened a moment ago.

  5. Trust your Gut: Your spirit is not limited by time or space. You meet someone new and your spirit is instantly taking in the full measure of that person. Someone invites you to a function, and your spirit is standing in that moment, experiencing it in real time. Your first feeling is your exact spiritual preview. Ignore your first feeling at your peril.

  6. Be Decisive: The foundation of your character is a triangle of cherishing, being truthful and being decisive. Throughout your entire life, each point of the triangle either supports, or detracts from, the other two points of your triangle. It is all the little decisions that enhance your life, and all the little indecisions that detract from your life.

  7. Cherish Others: The purpose of life is to cherish yourself and all others. To do this, you must learn to feel (without your mind trying to intervene) all the negative feelings that come from painful or stressful actions done to you, or by you.

Your brain is a great servant, but like any servant, it needs a job description or it will focus on all the problems of the world. So, give your brain the full-time job of practicing “the seven habits.” Every moment that you let your values and beliefs dictate your actions overwrites your DNA strands in a more empowering manner. You write your story. Each moment you can choose to pursue your heart’s desires, or make excuses. The result is history. Be impeccable. You deserve it.

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